Marine Corps Birthday Celebration

Every year, each Marine either home or forward deployed takes time to celebrate the birth of the Marine Corps. It is our goal to provide the Marines undergoing technical training on Keesler AFB with a ticket to the ceremony at a reduced cost.

Never Forget 9/11 Run

On September 11th, 2001 our country lost the lives of two thousand, nine hundred and seventy seven Americans. In the same moment,  hundreds of ordinary men and women became victims, family, first responders, and ultimately unsung Heroes. Our mission is to outreach to the community on the Gulf Coast and commemorate all those Heroes and the memory of all of the lives lost to the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Warrior Day

In effort to keep a high morale among the Marines that reside in the barracks, an annual competition is held to determine the athletic capacity and teamwork of the Marines. This competition is a testament to the warrior spirit held so highly by the Marine Corps. This annual event fosters small unit leadership, camaraderie and espirit de corps of the Marines on Keesler AFB.

Family Day

It is no secret that the lives of our service members are very demanding. When completing the mission means everything, families are the first to take a supporting role. We aim to thank all those family members that sacrifice time and time again, by making those family members mission priority number one on family day. We invite them to share in the camaraderie so cherished in the Corps and show appreciation for their continuous support.

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