Holiday Party

Each year on Veterans Day our nation celebrates the sacrifice that a distinguished few have made for the freedoms many.  The gratitude held by our American citizens is displayed in every part of our country, in every city, and at every parade.  No where is this shout of appreciation heard more distinctly than here on the Gulf coast.

The MARDET Association aims to extend this display of gratitude to the supportive backbone of the Marine detachment on Keesler AFB; their Family.  There is a common saying though-out base housing communities that “The toughest job in the Marine Corps is that of the spouse.”  In the finest institution of military history the mission always takes priority.  Service members often have to relocate, take on demanding duties, and deploy for months with little notice in advance.  This can have a detrimental effect on the home life as the spouse must step into single handedly running the household, sometimes even moving to a different part of the country or even to a foreign country without the direct help of their Marine. They find comfort with a support system of other spouses and local friends.  The immense responsibility they face highlights their personal strength as they must come to terms with the ideas of death, the traumatic events troop members encounter, while experiencing the burdens of their Marine missing birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, holidays, and other major life events.

The Marine Detachment recognizes the impact that a healthy foundation of support keeps our Marines focused and prepared to take on any task.  As the year comes closer to an end and the holiday season draws nearer, the Detachment and the MARDET Association will host an evening to express thanks to all the Marines on Keesler Air Force Base and their family that support them throughout the year.  The life a Marine bears no guarantee of certainty for spending the holidays with loved ones, and the staff of this training command are truly blessed to be able to bring the Marines together with their families to enjoy an evening together celebrating what truly matters.  The command holiday party hopes to allow our service members to rejoice and collect cherished memories with their loved ones.  At the holiday party, family is the mission.

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